Lake Ontario Beach Glass Hunting

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I was in Williamson on Monday with the kids who are off for spring break this week.  The kids have been whining that everyone else is at a beach for spring break, so I decided to take them to B. Foreman Park on Lake Ontario, not even close to  what they had in mind,  but before it was over every one had a good time, and enjoyed some of the wonderful weather we have been having. 

Beach Glass B Foreman Park Lake Ontario NY
Growing up B. Foreman park was always a good spot to find beach glass. There is probably some geographical or tide current reason why we have been pretty lucky in the past finding beach glass from Lake Ontario at B. Foreman park, but I am not going to pretend to know the how or why. What I do know is finding beach glass is cool, even the kids thought so.

Beach Glass B Foreman Park Lake Ontario NY
We ended up not looking long, the mosquitoes were pretty horrible. I guess it does not take long for them to thaw out. We did find some smaller sized pieces. I bet we could of found some larger pieces after a good storm.
Beach Glass B Foreman Park Lake Ontario NY

I love beach glass hunting, if there are no mosquitoes involved I find it pretty relaxing.  If you are feeling like trying your hand at beach glass hunting, here are a few tips for beach glass hunting:

 Beach Glass Hunting Tips

  •  The hunting is often better after a heavy storm, when the waves have rolled gravel, rocks and other stuff onto the shore.
  • I have also heard it is a good time to  hunt for beach glass  after a full moon when the tides are strong, I have never tried this, but am interested to know if it’s true.
  •  If you see a pocket of stones, check there for pieces of glass. I like to dig around in the pebbles or stones with a stick or my finger.
  • Lake Ontario is not the only lake in the area to find beach glass, you can find it along the shore lines of all the Finger Lakes, but because we recycle and no longer throw garbage into our lakes the supply is limited.


Beach Glass B Foreman Park Lake Ontario NY

My son loves to make stone stacks, he worked on this one while we were at the park. Beach Glass B Foreman Park Lake Ontario NY 4The kids got the last laugh, a sign proving while we were on Lake Ontario, it was not technically a beach.


Do you like to hunt for beach glass, where are your favorite places to find in in New York State?

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  1. I am looking for flat lake rocks where is a god place or beaches to find these.thanks sylvia

    1. Hi Sylvia,
      Lake Ontario creates really nice flat smooth stones, the Oswego area seems to be particularly good for craft and jewelry rocks, check out this video:
      While the wave action is much more active on Ontario Lake, creating more polished and rounded stones, You should be able to find flat rocks at any of the Finger Lakes.
      Good Luck!

  2. Hey, I’m not exactly sure *how* I missed this post… probably because WE were at Durand Eastman beach at pretty much the same time!
    B. Forman Park is actually not too far away from where I grew up, and is a nice place to hunt for beach glass. And it always helps to look on a beach with a “party” spot nearby. (Not that I would *personally* know anything about that, or anything. 😉 )
    And I just LOVE that picture of the rock tower!
    Have a great day! 🙂

    1. It was too nice of a day to stay inside!
      LOL I have to wonder how much of that beach glass that washes up at Foreman Park was at one time a bottle of Boones Farm. Not that I would personally know about that or parties by the lake though either… 😉