The Redneck Round Up A.K.A The time I ate frog legs

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I was going to try to get a post together with a recipe today, but my son is home sick and I really have painting to do, so instead as promised I decided to post pics of the frog legs from the Redneck Round Up I went to on Saturday.
What is a Redneck Round Up? Our friends have been putting one on for years. We are fairly new to the festivities, but it is a celebration of the northern redneck way of gittin’ er done.  Some of the food selections available were squirrel stew, snapping turtle chili and frog legs, there were also pork rinds,  tator-tot casserole, and some concoction of cheese and slim jims. I really wish I could of taken more pics for you all, but my Nikon does not come out in the rain 🙁
I asked on Facebook if anyone would or had ever eaten frog legs.  The answer was overwhelmingly “NO”!  But as long as it does not involve heights, illegal activities  or clowns I am up for trying new stuff.

Frog legs on my dinner plate
See there they are on my plate, flipper and all! If you are wondering what is behind it that is tator-tot casserole. I know how to keep dinner classy 😉

I did try the frog legs, they are a delicacy in French cuisine right?

That is me moments before my first bite. I had to tear the flipper off, and was holding it in my left hand, I really did not need that thing waving in my face reminding me exactly what I was eating.  And please don’t mind my hair, it does not do high humidity well and it was raining buckets on Saturday.
Frog legs on my dinner plate

It turns out frog legs are like an odd cross between chicken wings and fish, if you can imagine that. The texture of the frog leg meat is similar to a firm white fish, while the flavor is very mild like chicken.  My frog legs happened to be fried with a batter and spice coating,  I did not ask where exactly my frog legs came from, because I really just don’t want to know…


So… have you, would you, could you eat frog legs??


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