5 Things You Should Do In The Finger Lakes in June

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5 Things You Should Do In The Finger Lakes in June

Don’t let spring slips by without enjoying these fun springtime activities in the Finger Lakes.

Try A New Ice-Cream Flavor

June is the perfect time to hit your favorite ice cream shop. Skip vanilla, chocolate or strawberry. Locally handcrafted ice cream flavors seem to be getting more and more creative each day, branch out and discover a new favorite.

 Seriously Good Scoops:


Discover A New Coffee Shop

After a long winter of caramel lattes, summer is the perfect time to shake things up. One of my favorite summertime sips is Jamaican Me Crazy by Finger Lakes Coffee Roasters, I love it hot or iced. SO GOOD!  My friend Chris at Exploring Upstate has compiled a list of every single coffee roaster in the state! Many of these roasters have cafes, stop into a new to you coffee shop and give it a try, who knows you just might find a new perfect place to get a little work done, catch up with friends, or to just grab your summer skinny iced latte on the go.



Pick Fresh Strawberries


Strawberry season is short but sweet. Yes, strawberries are available year-round in the grocery store, but nothing beats a fresh picked locally grown strawberry. We have had a rough few seasons with our own strawberries, and just replanted, so this year we will be hitting up the U-pick farms for all our fresh berries for eating, jam making, and for the freezer.

 A few tips to help you enjoy U-Pick Season!

  • Bring shallow containers (you don’t want to stack the berries in a big bucket, the berries on the bottom will get squished). Or purchase flats at the farm.
  • Bring hats, sunscreen, and water.
  • Most farms have a “berry hotline” always call before you head out to the farm – strawberries are affected by weather (both rain and cooler temperature) more than most crops.
  •  Try to hit the fields first thing in the morning. A large turnout can pick a field clean before noon, and temps are usually more comfortable.


Go Daytrippin’ 

There is so much to see and do here locally there is no reason to pack up for an extended vacation. Have fun exploring places that are close to where you live, but you haven’t taken the time to check out before. If you need a little inspiration check out this list of 101 Day Trips in Upstate NY. Bonus: they are  all within 3 hours of Rochester, NY!

Go For a Bike Ride

I some of the most beautiful scenery in the country lives right her in the Finger Lakes. But, I might be a little biased.  There is a lot to take in, and a bike it the perfect vantage point.  Take in all the vineyards, large rolling drumlins left by glacial activity from ten thousand years ago and the hundreds of picturesque farms, the agricultural land is some of the best in the country! And don’t forget the eleven sparkling lakes the make up the Finger Lakes, there are plenty of bike routes to help you take in all the stunning lakes views.

To find your next biking adventure download individual Finger Lakes Hike & Bike trails HERE.


Those are my top 5 must do activities for the month of June. What are your favorite springtime activities?

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  1. I just found you on Pinterest! I live in Binghamton and I am always looking for any excuse for a day trip! It can be for scenery, winery hopping, state parks for a hike or just to sample food! Got to love Central New York! Our state has so much to offer!