It’s a Wonderful Lego Life

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A local Family has designed, created, and submitted a Lego set based on the Christmas classic Movie “It’s a Wonderful Life”. Currently the creation is up for vote at the official LEGO website.

It’s hard to imagine Christmas without revisiting George and Mary Bailey and their “drafty old house,” as he calls it, in Bedford Falls. The old Bailey house and its residents who so many of us spend our holidays with each year have been recreated in Legos by a Syracuse father and daughter team who have designed, created, and submitted a Lego set based on the Christmas classic Movie “It’s a Wonderful Life”. Currently the creation is up for vote at the official LEGO website, and can become a reality with your support.

Jason and daughter Jane Middaugh are the creators behind It’s a Wonderful Lego Life Set and are huge Christmas movie fans, but the classic film “It’s a Wonderful Life” is a family favorite. The duo had previously built the Building and Loan from the holiday classic for fun, and after its completion Jason visited the It’s a Wonderful Life Museum in Seneca Falls, to see if they would like to display it. The museum was incredibly interested in LEGO Ideas related to the Jimmy Stewart film and Jason and Jane were up for the challenge. The team set out to create what they thought were the most iconic aspects of the film; the Granville house, truss bridge, and the cast. Jason’s wife Tina even got in on the fun and created a Lego version of “George Lassos the Moon, which was scanned and shrunk down to the size of a LEGO so that it could be hung on the wall in one of the rooms in the model.

The It’s a Wonderful Lego Life Set

The proposed “It’s A Wonderful LEGO Life” set comes with a fully detailed reproduction of the “drafty old” Granville house that Mary made into a cozy home over the course of the movie. Each floor of the set can be removed to relive the magic of the most touching scenes in the film. The famous truss bridge, George’s 1919 car, and the “You Are Now In Bedford Falls” sign complete the set that would make for the perfect holiday display.

The first floor of the home is complete with a Christmas tree (and bell), piano, phone, and fireplace in the living room, along with the kitchen, removable newel post cap on the stairs, and George’s model bridge. Zuzu’s room where she refuses to take a nap because she wants to look at the flower she brought home from school, the remaining bedrooms, and the “George Lassos The Moon” drawing can all be found on the second floor. There is even a little surprise attic storage area.

The 75th Anniversary of It’s a Wonderful Life

2021 is the 75th anniversary of “It’s a Wonderful Life”, and the perfect time for the Middaugh’s set to be considered for production by Lego. If it gets ten thousand votes, the proposal moves into an official consideration phase by Lego, possibly allowing the set to be in production by Christmas 2021! You can vote on the Lego website to help make the holiday classic with ties to Upstate New York a reality.

How To Support The It’s a Wonderful Lego Life Set

Proposed lego sets are submitted to LEGO IDEAS, which is a way for people to get the LEGO set they’ve always dreamed of into production. Anyone can submit a project to LEGO Ideas and people can support as many projects as they want, all totally free! If a project reaches 10,000 supports then the LEGO group will consider it to be made into an official LEGO set. There have been dozens of incredible LEGO sets which have come into existence this way, from Fred Flinstone’s house to Central Perk, the coffee shop from Friends!

At the moment over 3,000 people have voted for the It’s A Wonderful Lego Life set, but there’s still a long way to go, head over and add your support. Every vote counts!

Commenting is as Imprortant as Voting!

While you are showing your support for the It’s A wonderful Lego Life Set, make sure to leave a comment. The more interaction a proposed project gets at Lego Ideas, the more likely it will be featured promently on the Ideas® site. You can comment how you’d display this set, who you’d buy it for, why you like it, or even what the movie means to you.

To vote & commen for the It’s a Wonderful Lego Life set (click here), you’ll need a LEGO® Account. If you’ve already got one, you can log in by clicking on the ‘Sign in’ button in the top-right corner. If you don’t have a LEGO® Account, just click ‘Don’t have a LEGO® Account?’ to sign up. Sign up is quick and painless!

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